Short is the road to the pub
and the bench yonder is pitchy!

III Draakon is an old-fashioned pub wherein all the meals cost 1-3 units of money. But double is demanded for the drinks! All the hungry should thereof tuck 1 and the thirsty 2 units of euromoney into their purse otherwise there’s no thought of coming. Whoever is brisk enough to angle out a morsel from the pickles barrel will be rewarded for the trouble and is asked no charge for it. A visitor with a heftier purse is the king yet the lady of the house is always right!

You can access the rigorous care of the lady through the door
that is at the tower side of the Reval Town Hall.
The pub doors are opened from the ninth
hour of the morning till the dead of night.
Whosoever hath some serious hasty requests
may write, the ones still more in a hurry
should pay a visit!